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Sins of a Dark Age trailer shows Realm Quests, walking arrow pincushions

Sins of a Dark Age
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Ironclad is hoping the mixture of RPG with RTS in its MOBA Sins of a Dark Age will help it stand out from competitors such as League of Legends and Dota 2, and the crux of this approach appears to be Realm Quests (opens in new tab) , optional side-tasks which players can complete for team-wide boons and powerful items. In an explanatory trailer, Ironclad Producer Blair Fraser describes how Realm Quests work and how they influence the Hero-on-Hero clashes on the battlefield.

According to Fraser, Realm Quests increases the tactical options for both defenders and attackers and drives "the application of strategy, counter-strategy, and counter-counter-strategy." According to us, that's a perfect opportunity to write "Yeah? Well, I double dog -counter-strategy!" in chat during a fortuitous moment.

Ironclad has more info on Sins of a Dark Age at its website (opens in new tab) , but what luck! Our brethren over at GamesRadar (opens in new tab) sat down with Fraser to talk about what makes his MOBA shine. Have a look below.

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