Sins of a Dark Age trailer shows Realm Quests, walking arrow pincushions

Sins of a Dark Age

Ironclad is hoping the mixture of RPG with RTS in its MOBA Sins of a Dark Age will help it stand out from competitors such as League of Legends and Dota 2, and the crux of this approach appears to be Realm Quests , optional side-tasks which players can complete for team-wide boons and powerful items. In an explanatory trailer, Ironclad Producer Blair Fraser describes how Realm Quests work and how they influence the Hero-on-Hero clashes on the battlefield.

According to Fraser, Realm Quests increases the tactical options for both defenders and attackers and drives "the application of strategy, counter-strategy, and counter-counter-strategy." According to us, that's a perfect opportunity to write "Yeah? Well, I double dog -counter-strategy!" in chat during a fortuitous moment.

Ironclad has more info on Sins of a Dark Age at its website , but what luck! Our brethren over at GamesRadar sat down with Fraser to talk about what makes his MOBA shine. Have a look below.

Omri Petitte

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