Sims 4 year one: lots of sex, not much death

Sims 4 infographic marriage

The Sims 4 came out a year ago (well, September 2 in the US, September 4 in the UK), and to celebrate EA has produced one of those infographics that are so popular these days. It's got the figures you'd expect—number of Sims created (93 million), time spent in game (27,900 years)—but also, because this is The Sims, some that are a little more interesting.

For instance, of the 27.5 million Sim marriages this year, only 1.7 million have ended in divorce, i.e. 6%, a very low divorce rate compared to what those of us in the UK and US are used to. There's naturally been a lot of sex—Sims have WooHooed 235 million times—but relatively little death: only 5% (5 million) of those Sims created have died.

I also think it's interesting what traits players were most likely to pick for their Sims: romantic, cheerful, and active respectively. What does that say about the players?

Sims 4 infographic personalities

What I'd be really interested to see, however, is how these stats measure up to the previous Sims games. After all, every time I write about The Sims 4 somebody comes along to tell me it's rubbish compared to its predecessors. Were the numbers much bigger for The Sims 3 and The Sims 2?

Then again, Chris did give The Sims 4 a 79 in his review, which is not a bad score. And 27,900 years' worth of time spent in one game in one year is nothing to sneer at.