SimCity's update 7 will also include tunnels and trees on top of its new traffic fixes

It's time for mayors of SimCities the world over to start thinking green. Last week, update 7 was announced as an effort to get motorists to stop driving so haphazardly, minimizing the deaths of hapless students. Now the well-meaning municipal government representative manning the SimCity Twitter account is revealing further changes coming later this month: we'll get to place trees on our streets, and we can finally bury those traffic-clogged eyesore-roads beneath ground.

Though there isn't yet a single page or blog post collecting all of update 7's features, info is being delivered in chunks via social media. First up, a new video, below, shows how you'll be able to adjust the height of roads—to the point of even turning them into bridges or tunnels, facilitating the successful noodling of your city streets. I mean, I've enjoyed SimCity's fanciful hot air balloons and carnival rides , but this is the addition I've been waiting on since launch day.

Meanwhile, Maxis' Guillaume Pierre has also been tweeting , proudly showing off roadside trees in suburban neighborhoods and on high-density streets. Update 7 is scheduled for "later this month"—here's to hoping that these urgently needed additions will soon be followed by large land masses, allowing us to finally expand our cities beyond their default SimHamlet size.