SimCity is rerouting its traffic issues... again

The residents of SimCity have been in a traffic jam several months long, making our real-world cities' rush-hour gridlocks seem breezy. After that last traffic update —which sought to minimize the number of tragic disappearances of students journeying bravely across streets—we saw some improvement, but Maxis acknowledges it's still got a way to go. So what's next on its plan?

Software engineer Alexander Harkness—who, alongside former SimCity dev Ocean Quigley , is quite certainly living proof that Maxis won't even look at a resume without a badass name across the top—took to the SimCity blog to detail update 7. He does a fairly decent job of distilling the improvements down into an easy-to-understand language, but to shorten it further: basically, the vehicles of SimCity should no longer drive like my mother with her 15-years-out-of-date roadmaps. You should no longer see eight maladroit garbage trucks attempting to steamroll each other in an attempt to pick up a single house's kitchen trash, and vehicles will now do some fancy-schmancy math stuff to carefully calculate how best to not to delay getting home in time to watch the premiere of Breaking Bad.

The driving lessons come in update 7, which Harkness vaguely says will arrive "later this month"—though why SimCity citizens haven't yet adopted airships as their primary method of transportation is a little baffling.