Silence, formerly The Whispered World 2, is coming in November

It's been well over a year since we last heard anything about Silence, the follow-up to Daedalic's 2010 fantasy point-and-click adventure The Whispered World. But the publisher recently revealed that the game, with a slightly modified title, will be out on November 15, and we've got a handful of new screens to look at too. 

Silence is an adventure about a young girl named Renie who, while hiding in a bomb shelter in the midst of a devastating war, becomes lost in a magical realm between the worlds of life and death. Her older brother Noah sets out to save her, but the two of them soon become embroiled in a much greater struggle for the future of Silence itself. Daedalic estimates that Silence will offer around 12 hours of gameplay, with three playable characters, new supporting characters and “a reunion with old friends.”   

The tone seems quite a bit darker than that of the original Whispered World, and despite the promise of reconnecting with “old friends,” Daedalic now appears to be trying to sever the connection between the two. The launch date announcement referred to the game only as “Silence,” and a Daedalic rep confirmed that “The Whispered World 2” has been dropped from the title.   

Sequel or not, I think Silence looks very promising. Daedalic has a well-earned reputation for making quality adventure games, and I'm very much looking forward to this one. More information about Silence can be found on Steam, or at Daedalic's Silence developer diary

And now, as promised, some screens:

Andy Chalk

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