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Shroud traps Ninja under a truck in Blackout, hilarity and game physics ensue

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is out (see our review in progress), and lots of big-name Twitch streamers are dropping into its battle royale mode, Blackout. This includes the top two streamers, Ninja and Shroud, who teamed up to become the last duo standing—though they ran into a minor hiccup along the way.

As you can see in the clip above (you may need to unmute it, and let me give you a sound warning because it's loud), Shroud was driving a truck while Ninja rode in the flatbed. Shroud attempted to jump a small ridge onto a road, and the truck flipped upside-down, pinning Ninja under it and quickly catching fire (much to Shroud's extreme delight).

Ninja, meanwhile, shrieked about the predicament. Then you can see Ninja's icon plummet downward, and he suddenly comes into view sliding across the ground next to the truck, safe and sound. To see exactly what happened, you can watch the stream clip from Ninja's perspective below:

The lesson is, should you ever find yourself pinned under a burning truck driven by a careless friend, take a moment to scream and then quickly tunnel beneath the earth. A moment later, teleport yourself topside to safety. It's what the pros do.

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