Show us your VR battlestations

VR setup header 03

VR is finally here. Oculus Rifts are shipping out in waves, and the HTC Vive’s full release is imminent, with units set to land early next week. PC gamers lucky enough to grab their own futuristic HMDs right away are no doubt ready to jack in, forget about their former lives, and start a new one in Lucky’s Tale.

Before anyone pops that virtual cartoon squirrel the big question, they’ll have to get their gaming setup properly ready for VR, and neither headset is exactly simple to accommodate. The Oculus Rift requires some desk space for the sensor and plenty of wiggle room to avoid bashing your head against the desk, while the Vive’s room-scale experience requires, well, a room.

Space or no space, PC gamers are an inherently resourceful group, so we’re putting a call out to you, our lovely readers: show us your VR battlestations! Link to pictures in the comments, and if we’re impressed by your VR den we’ll feature it in a roundup of our favorites.

Haven't committed to the VR craze quite yet? Take a look at our guide for building a VR rig on the cheap, and get back to us.

James Davenport

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