Shogun 2 won't have DirectX 11 support at launch

Shogun 2 total war monk archer thumb

The Creative Assembly this morning said that Total War: Shogun 2 won't have DirectX 11 support out of the box. The feature is being held back for testing while the development team works to improve performance on DirectX 11 cards. The plan is to patch DirectX 11 support back into the game two to four weeks after release.

Sega told us that "following extensive testing and gamer feedback, CA and SEGA decided to implement full DX11 functionality shortly after Shogun 2's release date. This would allow us to work a little longer on polishing DX 11 without delaying the core game experience for fans,” adding that “we want Shogun 2's Directx 11 experience to be as strong as possible."

The game's due out next Tuesday 15 March. You can read our full Total War: Shogun 2 review on today at 4pm GMT.

Tom Senior

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