Shogun 2: Total War's comedy ninja assassin

shogun thumbnail

In this new clip of Shogun 2: Total War, Creative Assembly's community manager Kieron Brigden talks through a demo of the Ninja unit and his oddly bumbling but ultimately successful assassination attempt on an enemy general. I was tempted to take a video of this video of a video and talk over Kieron talking over the video in the video, but I thought it'd only encourage the internet and it might all get out of control. I've embedded the original below:

Not that I'm complaining, but why is it so silly? If you send in two ninjas, do they wear bowler hats and get into amusing japes? Does one splash through an inch-deep puddle only for the other to plunge in up to his waist? What about if you send four - is the fourth one not quite as funny, but always gets the girl? Creative Assembly have yet to confirm.