Shenmue 3 backers will have 2 weeks to get a refund

(Image credit: Ys Net)

Shenmue 3 backers suffering from buyer's remorse will soon be able to request a refund, a process that was recently outlined by Ys Net in a Kickstarter update. A survey will be sent out this month, letting people switch version or, if they've previously selected the PC version and aren't happy with the alternatives, a refund. 

This comes after Ys Net made a timed exclusive deal with Epic Games, delaying the Steam version for a year. The studio says it's not able to provide backers with Steam keys at launch, but there are a variety of versions they can pick from instead, including a physical PC version (with an Epic Games Store code) or a copy of the PS4 version. 

Anyone wanting to make changes will only have two weeks to make them. After the survey closes, it won't be possible to make further changes to backer rewards. You'll still be able to change your address until shipping begins, however, but you won't be able to get a refund or switch to the PS4 version. 

There are a couple of other caveats, too. Because some in-game backer rewards have already been implemented, they might not be removed from the game for everyone who requests a refund. The process will also take up to three months from the time of the request.

The survey will be sent out in mid-September, and in the second half of the month backers will also get to take the trial version for a spin. It's an hour-long standalone demo set in Bailu Village, the location where you'll start the main game. Expect another update with more details on both the survey and the trial version soon. 

Fraser Brown
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