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Shelter 2 footage is adorable, terrifying

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Shelter 2

Scary animal survival game Shelter 2 is coming in February next year, after a slight delay (opens in new tab). Before then, we have another harsh winter to get through, something much easier to accomplish when you're a human and you feed yourself by popping to your local supermarket or visiting the chip shop. Keeping your family alive as a lynx is quite a bit harder, as this first footage from the upcoming Shelter 2 (opens in new tab) confirms. First you have to stalk your prey, then you have to kill it, all while making sure your little'uns haven't wandered off or been eaten by a passing eagle. Survival is a serious busine-d'awww, would you look at all the adorable little lynx cubs.

I'm not sure I can play a game where one of those cute little things could die at any moment. But then, I'm not sure I can not play a game featuring them in the first place. I have a few months left to ponder this dilemma—Shelter 2 isn't out until February, on, Steam (opens in new tab), and "other digital platforms".

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