Sharks take revenge on humans in a new Maneater trailer

One of the problems with killer shark stories is that sharks don't actually kill very many humans. The movie Jaws has long been criticized for misrepresenting the toothy creatures. The latest trailer for Tripwire's shark RPG Maneater, which was shown today at The Game Awards, takes a moment to acknowledge that sharks aren't normally as bloodthirsty as the game portrays.

"Humans kill 100 million sharks every year," it announces. "But only five humans are killed by sharks. It's time to even the score."

If the 100 million figure surprises you, it's true—or, at least, it's the most commonly cited estimate. 

Sharks can't truly get their revenge for humanity's ceaseless slaughter, though they certainly make a good (virtual) go of it in the trailer above. We'll embed the official, not-ripped-from-the-stream version of the trailer as soon as it's up.

Maneater is expected to release next year.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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