Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system inspired by multiplayer, sports

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Michael de Plater, Creative Director of Monolith Studios, took the stage today at DICE 2015 to talk about where he looked for inspiration for the Nemesis system in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Turns out, Monolith took cues from a number of things, including sports and multiplayer games.

While Shadow of Mordor is a singleplayer experience, de Plater wanted to foster an atmosphere found routinely in multiplayer games: one of competition and revenge. The Nemesis system, which generates names, traits, and ranks for orc leaders, helps provide that. If you're killed and taunted by a named NPC, chances are you'll remember him, and make it your mission to track him down for a little payback. Adding to the drama, orcs accumulate scars as you fight them repeatedly, giving you a visual history of your conflicts. This both contributes to a player's personal narrative and makes their eventual triumph even more sweet.

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de Plater also mentioned that sports—not sports games, but real sports—were an inspiration, given the drama and narratives that develop naturally over the course of a season:

"Sports are designed as systems which generate stories every year. They start with the early play-offs, they're designed that if there's a failure through the mid-season you don't rewind to the last save and start playing again from that point, as much as you potentially wish you could."

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