Sex% is now an official Baldur's Gate 3 speedrun category and someone already did it in under 8 minutes

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The same speedrunner who finished Baldur's Gate 3 in under 10 minutes has answered a question we've all been asking since the RPG's release: how fast can you have sex with someone? The answer is a snappy eight minutes, with the help of some key spells, which is all it takes Mae to blitz through the opening areas and spend a night with Lae'zel

Mae spends most of the run leaping past anything that won't get them laid, thanks to enhanced leap's extended jump distance. With some careful camera and mouse movement, they use mage hand on the Nautiloid's transponder to trigger the final section from directly below it, saving time and their calves.

Once Mae touches down on the Ravaged Beach they start jumping again, all the way to where Lae'zel is being held prisoner by a couple of tieflings. A quick deception skill check and a few magic missiles later and Lae'zel is free and completely unaware that she'll be seduced by this weirdo in the next five minutes.

The goblin battle in front of the Emerald Grove is the longest, most normal part of the run. Mae can't leap past this one, and is forced to wait out each and every turn in the battle. Once that's finally over, they punch and then convince one of the tieflings, Zorru, to bow down to their githyanki crush. Lae'zel is more than pleased with this—she's absolutely down atrocious—and tells Gigachad that he should visit her tonight at the camp. Mae smashes the long rest button immediately after and, well, you know the rest.

Currently, Mae holds the world record for BG3's romance%, which is now an official category after Twitter user Th3ValeOfficial hypothesized the run. According to Mae, they were able to carve the run down to eight minutes from an initial five hours. "Hoping it continues to go further down from here!" they wrote of the run's current time and surely nothing else in a YouTube comment.

In a reply to Chunmeista offering up "Lay'zel" as an alternative name for the luckiest companion in BG3, Mae celebrated the hot gith girlfriend, writing, "Horniest Gith on the Coast and we in the speedrunning community love her for it".

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