Seven: The Days Long Gone teases isometric stealth in latest trailer

"Our game is coming in 2017 for sure," said IMGN.PRO's Jakub Ryłko of its incoming role-player  Seven: The Days Long Gone when I caught up with him last month. This is good news, I reckon, because the open-world isometric sandbox sounds very promising—with its sprawling visa-restricted map, credible take on the post-apocalypse, and smart-looking combat and stealth. The game's latest trailer teases the latter. 

"If you want to try stealth approach it will require you to be focused, plan your moves and carefully execute your plans," Ryłko told me previously. "A combative approach gives you chance to use the cool, a bit arcade-like, skills and moves. We want to give players diversified choices, to enhance the freedom by gameplay as well."

That snippet of in-game footage sees the protagonist begin a winding path of sneaky assassination by hiding a bush, before ambushing an unsuspecting soldier, slitting their throat, and letting their lifeless corpse plummet off a cliffside. A couple of kills later, and our central character is spotted. He or she makes a beeline for a lift and escapes the pursuers via a transport container. 

Between the above and following trailer that dropped in December, Seven: The Days Long Gone looks to be shaping up nicely. Here's another look at its environment teaser: 

And here's how Ryłko described what's going on there: 

"The first location is a sort of a mystical swamp, with its dangerous inhabitants and poisonous marshes. Don't be fooled by the fairy-tale surroundings, though, the swamp is a deadly place. The next one is the last 'hi-tech' city of the world named Hallard, which is a capital of Vetrall Empire and headquarters of Emperor Drugun. It's packed with the forgotten technology, monumental buildings and enormous statues.

"The last location in our trailer is Mortbane, a small town on the Peh island, which is covered with poisonous gas and distrustful residents. You really shouldn’t go there without finding a proper gas mask first. Once you have it, you can travel there and uncover its disturbing secrets."

Seven: The Days Long Gone is without a concrete release date however is due at some stage this year. More details can be found on the game's official site