Seven: The Days Long Gone has Hitman-style disguises, time-manipulating mechanics

Seven: The Days Long Gone is due next week, yet is still teasing interesting features that continue to pique my interest. The latest trailer focuses on stealth and the different approaches you might leverage when overcoming bad guys and obstacles. 

"There's always more than one solution to a problem," says the narrator in the trailer below. And in doing so you might stalk the shadows, hack security systems, lay traps, don enemy soldier disguises, or manipulate time. Observe:

If ever caught by hostile guards, the narrator explains above that "the least risky option is to run away and hide, leaving a couple of armed guards looking for a thief in the area." 

He continues: "It'll be a while before they give up, but why wait? Just fast forward the time and try again a couple of seconds later. Another benefit of fast forwarding is choosing the right time for action—as time of day and weather conditions also affect perception." 

After then showcasing some Hitman-style costume sleuthing and Splinter Cell-esque trap laying, the narrator then suggests "stealth is a thief's best weapon". Given the level of choice Seven promises, this seems like a bit of an understatement. 

Seven: The Days Long Gone is due next Friday, December 1. Look out for our review next week, and find more information on its official site.