Seven new G-Sync monitors on the way, including 144 Hz IPS Asus display

Acer XB240H

Nvidia didn't just show up to Computex 2015 with the new 980 Ti in tow: the graphics company is also showing off seven new G-Sync monitors from Acer and Asus. And if you weren't already excited about G-Sync, these monitors might do it: the spread includes three 4K monitors, three ultrawide options, and a new, very exciting IPS model: the 27-inch 2560x1440, 144 Hz IPS Asus PG279Q.

What's an IPS panel?

Want to know more about TN vs. IPS? Check out our guide to display technology for a primer. It'll get you excited about IPS.

Let me explain why that last one is a big deal. Our favorite gaming monitor is a G-Sync monitor, the great ASUS RoG Swift. But there's been one major obstacle standing between Nvidia's variable refresh technology and true greatness: color quality. To achieve high refresh rates like 144 Hz, most G-Sync displays have used TN panels, which are fast and cheap. But TN panels suffer when it comes to color quality, offering a more muted picture and poor viewing angles that look even more washed out if you're not looking at them straight on. IPS displays offer far more vivid colors and great viewing angles, but they're more expensive, and generally slower to refresh (hence visible ghosting on some IPS monitors). Finally, it looks like that's changing.

Acer has already released a 144 Hz 2560x1440 G-Sync monitor, which is also a 27-inch model. It costs a steep $800, but Asus introducing its own model may shake things up a bit. And with both Acer and Asus now offering 144 Hz IPS displays, we'll hopefully be seeing more high refresh IPS monitors in the near future, stretching from a more affordable 1080p to a premium 4K.

Here's the full list of new G-Sync monitors coming down the pipe.

Model Resolution Size Panel Refresh
Asus PG279Q 2560x1440 27 IPS 144 Hz
Acer Z35 2560x1080 35 VA 144 Hz
Acer X34 3400x1440 34 IPS 75 Hz
Asus PG34Q 3400x1440 34 IPS 60 Hz
Acer XB271HK 4K 27 IPS 60 Hz
Acer XB281HK 4K 28 TN 60 Hz
Asus PG27AQ 4K 27 IPS 60 Hz

Nvidia also announced today that an update for G-Sync will add support for windowed mode. We don't have release dates or prices on any of these monitors yet, but most or all of them should be at Computex, where we'll get some hands-on time to test them out. Eventually they'll join our list of the currently available G-Sync and FreeSync monitors.

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