Server-wide brick collection event launches with LEGO Universe's next patch


LEGO Universe builders, it's time to start thinking about the big picture. Sure, we could continue to pour all of the bricks we collect into our own private properties, building even more dinosaurs to rampage through intricate recreations of our elementary schools, but the collective is calling! The developers are building the Nexus HQ--a massive tower that will act as a central hub for players, with different floors for each faction, unique vendors, and all sorts of other goodies--but players will have to donate enough bricks (earned by exploring and fighting in the game world) to the construction efforts to unlock it.

The patch (1.6) is one of the heftier ones released since the game's launch late last year (read our review ). Read on for full details and an exclusive preview trailer for the patch.

The main features and content that the patch will add are:

  • New Community Missions to fund the tower construction process
  • One new racetrack in the ninja's domain, the Forbidden Valley, called Dragonmaw Chasm that's supposed to be the most challenging racetrack yet
  • A bunch of new faction-specific automobile pieces to build your racing cars with
  • Seaside property on the Nimbus Isle for you to unlock and build on
  • A ton of new animal minifigures for you to place and program on your private properties, along with the ability to put all of the pets you've collected on your properties as well