Serious Sam is seriously going to Siberia

Following up on last week's tease, Devolver Digital has now officially unveiled Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, a standalone expansion to Serious Sam 4 created by indie developer Timelock Studio, formerly a well-known Serious Sam modding team, that's working on the project under the guidance of original Serious Sam studio Croteam.

Siberian Mayhem features five "massive" new levels set in the rugged Russian north, with action running across the Arctic coast, desolate forests, abandoned villages, and even a ghost town. New enemies and bosses will join the original horde, to be splattered in fun and interesting ways with new weapons and vehicles including snowmobiles and new mechs.

It's clearly still very much the old Serious Sam, though, which is to say massive hordes of ridiculous enemies charging the player from all directions while bullets fly and everything explodes. That's not a bad thing—really, it's the essence of the Serious Sam experience, and I am absolutely here for that—but as I said when the new game was first teased, I hope that along with all the new stuff in Siberian Mayhem, the designers have also tightened up the level designs. Big levels are great, but roaming aimlessly for minutes at a time through open, empty spaces (my chief complaint about Serious Sam 4) is not.

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem is available for wishlisting now on Steam, and will be available at a "sizeable" discount for owners of Serious Sam 4. (Sorry, no actual numbers just yet.) It's set to come out on January 25.

Andy Chalk

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