Sekiro is getting a boss rush mode, new skins, and shareable combat highlights

(Image credit: From Software)

There's good news for Sekiro fans who sweated, struggled, and snapped controllers as they slowly ground their way through its brutal, punishing combat: An in-the-works update will add a new feature that will enable you to do it all over again, in single battles or "Gauntlet of Strength" challenges. Hope you've been studying the blade.

"With this update, you will be able to take part in Reflections of Strength; re-matches against any previously defeated boss that can be accessed through any Sculptor’s Idol. These Reflections may help in preparing for Gauntlets of Strength, single-life challenges that will truly test only the bravest warriors… or the most foolish," publisher Activision said.

"As by definition of a Gauntlet, if the Wolf dies at any point, he must start over from the beginning. You like a challenge, right?"

Another big addition coming in the update is the ability to record up to 30 seconds of gameplay that can be tagged with text messages and shared with friends. From Software said the clips, called "Remnants," can be used to "share strategies and hints," and I imagine you could use them to express other thoughts and emotions too, depending on the mood of the moment. Either way, if another player watches and rates one of your Remnants, your HP will recover for free, without the use of a Sculptor's Idol or consumable. Kind of fourth-wall breaking if you ask me, but it'll be interesting to see how this feels in practice.

A trio of new skins for the Wolf that can be unlocked through gameplay, including Old Ashina Shinobi and Tengu, are also on the way. Two of them can be unlocked through Gauntlets, while the third will be awarded for completing the game.

Personally, I don't think that going back for extended throwdowns in a game we thought is maybe just too damn hard is something I'd be interested in, but clearly not everyone shares that take and for those people, this update sounds like it will be a real boon. 

Fans are going to have to wait awhile to get it: The update—which, by the way, will be free—won't be out until October 29.

Andy Chalk

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