Sega Steam Sale includes Alien: Isolation for $12.49

Alien isolation 3

In case our 2014 Game of the Year isn't already in your Steam library, there's no longer any excuses: Sega's weekend Steam sale is offering Alien: Isolation with a 75 percent discount, which brings the price to $12.49. That's the price of... millions of things probably, but millions of relatively affordable things.

It's not all Alien though: the recently ported Valkyria Chronicles can be nabbed for $6.79, while the likes of Company of Heroes 2 and Binary Domain can also be had cheaply. There's also an $80 'super bundle' which includes $353 worth of games, including heaps of Sega console classics as well as stuff like Alpha Protocol. Just in case you don't have enough games already.

Shaun Prescott

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