See the Old World up close in TW: Warhammer's latest showcase

Drakenhof Total War Warhammer

Is it bad that on watching Total War: Warhammer's showcase for the Old World my first reaction was to wish for a big-budget Warhammer RPG? It's not that I expect Creative Assembly's recreation of Warhammer's commanders and sword-swingers to be anything less than enthralling; it's just that their take on the Old World looks so good that I want to be up close exploring instead of commanding armies.

Here we have a video detailing not what we'll be fighting as but what we'll be fighting over. It certainly looks worth a few scuffles. It also indicates that those pesky pre-order madmen up north are the real villains to watch out for. That chap at the end of the clip is Archaeon Everchosen, the most favoured Son of Chaos. He'll be on your case whether you're human, undead, short or green.

Total War: Warhammer is out May 24, which means Creative Assembly will be in need of a new project. Just saying.