See some of the sleek new weapons coming in Destiny 2's Black Armory

The Black Armory, your one-stop shop for some of the hottest implements of death and destruction that you can lay your hands on in Destiny 2, opens its doors to Guardians everywhere tomorrow. And by everywhere, I mean 'so long as they own the annual pass'. If that's you, then we've got a brand new teaser to look at that's a lot like a Chanel No. 5 advertisement, but for pretend guns in space. 

Or maybe it's more like a car commercial? Or a truck commercial, the kind narrated by Sam Elliott, with a Bob Seger soundtrack. "The enemy doesn’t stand a chance when you have a bow with poison-tipped arrows or a sniper with a lethal body shot," Bungie intoned. "Discover and craft weapons of Light and Fury. Add the Black Armory’s treasure to your legend. Lock and load, Guardians." 

(Cue slow, mournful guitar.) 

Befitting a teaser, there's no hard data on any of the weapons on display, but it does provide a one-line lowdown on some of their unique abilities. Izanagi's Burden, for instance, can consume a full clip of ammo for a single, high-powered shot, while precision kills with the Le Monarque bow creates an area-of-effect poison cloud, and the Anarchy grenade launcher can drop mines that link together to form a damaging arc field. Good luck doing paint by numbers while being shot at.

The Black Armory expansion, which is part of Destiny 2' Season of the Forge, goes live on December 4. You can find out more about what it includes right here

Andy Chalk

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