See new exotics from Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion, including rocket-reflecting trousers

With Destiny 2: Forsaken (and Cayde-6's demise) drawing closer day by day, Bungie has released a video showcasing some of the new exotic gear coming in the expansion. There's something in here for everything: Some of it looks pretty cool, some of it will probably be wildly overpowered, and at least one piece of kit looks kind of silly, but also kind of amazing. 

That would be the Antaeus Wards, a pair of Titan boots that reflects incoming projectiles if you slide into them. Your mileage may vary, but in the trailer we see a rocket being returned to sender with expectedly lethal results. Not sure if that'll work on the Wardcliff Coil, but you can be sure streamers will be working on montage reels the minute the DLC drops on 6 September.

(And to be clear, I don't actually have anything against people who use Wardcliff Coil in the Crucible. I just wish they'd stop using it to vaporise me.)

Elsewhere, the double dodge for Hunters offered by the Sixth Coyote chestpiece looks like it could be very dangerous in the right hands, the wall-hacking Wish-Ender bow is interesting, and the Black Talon bow will also likely make a lot of Crucible players extraordinarily angry. We also get to see the redux version of Ace of Spades, which is of course Cayde-6's hand cannon, and now comes with a damage buff when reloading after kills. Perfect for unloading into the evil Prince Uldren.

For Warlocks, the headline piece of kit is likely to be the Chromatic Fire armor, which grants all Kinetic weapons the Dragonfly precision kill explosion effect. Yep, that means guns like Crimson and Midnight Coup will become even more beastly. Finally, keep an eye out for the Voice of Thousands trace rifle. It's the one that looks like you're cradling some Cronebergian alien skeleton that's pumping out fire from various vents. The way this seems to work is you draw a molten line on the ground, then shortly afterwards it goes boom. Bob Ross would be proud.

Bungie has also released an updated Destiny 2 development roadmap, detailing some of the updates it intends to bring in between now and the launch of Forsaken. There are no major changes from the previous roadmap, but this one provides "more granular detail about deployment times" and notes a few revised delivery dates. The big news is that the weapon slot changes, which will see many sniper rifles, fusion rifles and shotguns moved out of the Power slot and into Kinetic or Energy, will be arriving a week before the DLC drops. That should give players a chance to goof around with new loadouts and test the new system.

A bulk shader deletion option is also finally coming in the 2.0.0 update in late August, along with 200 more Vault slots; the update coming a week later will see significantly more changes, including the actual launch of Forsaken. 

Andy Chalk

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