Second Fallout: New Vegas DLC coming May 17

FNV Honest Hearts

Obsidian is busy as a beehive these days, both prepping Dungeon Siege III for a June launch and putting the final touches on Honest Hearts, the second DLC batch for Fallout: New Vegas. Honest Hearts will send players off the Mojave map and into the wilderness of Utah's Zion National Park to defend a caravan from tribal raiders. Like the first DLC, Dead Money, the story will pick up the story of a mentioned-but-not-seen character from the main game, The Burned Man.

I wasn't super-wild about Dead Money - though it was a great story, the repetitive level design and obnoxious beeping explosive collar took a chunk of the fun out of it. But the first Fallout 3 DLC, Operation Anchorage, was pretty weak too, and then we got the much better Broken Steel, The Pitt, and Point Lookout (let's not talk about Mothership Zeta), so I'm still very much looking forward to exploring Honest Hearts next week. Click Read and Comment to see the latest batch of screenshots.