Scrolls closed beta incoming, new trailer and screenshots appear


The Scrolls site has been relaunched with a new trailer, screenshots, and news of an incoming closed alpha that'll give select applicants an early taste of Mojang's collectible card battling game. That's phase one. "As we get closer to a stable build, we will stop the closed alpha, and move to an open beta, where you will be able to buy the game at a reduced price and with some added benefits" says Scrolls dev Jakob Porser.

There's no mention of what these "added benefits" will be just yet, but the open beta will operate in a similar way to Minecraft. Extra features like a scrolls auction house and single player missions will be added as the beta progresses.

"If you're wondering why we would release a game that's obviously not finished, the reason is simple: We want your feedback in good time to help us shape Scrolls to be the next big online Collectible Card Game," Porser adds.

So here it is, our first glimpse of Scrolls. It's hard to make a trailer for card battles exciting. What do you think?

Tom Senior

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