Scribblenauts Unlimited coming to PC, share giraffe monsters with the Steam Workshop

Puzzly invent-'em-up Scribblenauts started life on the Nintendo DS, and has delighted enough fans to warrant a bigger, better HD follow-up, due out on Wii U and PC later this year.

Scribblenauts was a great game about overcomplicating basic tasks. Cheery protagonist, Maxwell, can summon a huge range of items on a whim and combine them to form creative and often useless solutions. Need to grab a star on a tall ledge? Summon a giraffe on stilts and attach rockets. Will that help? Probably not, but who cares, you've just created a flailing, flying giraffe monster, and that in itself is its own reward.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is indeed less limited than its predecessor. It'll have an expanded dictionary of objects to conjure, and many more levels. What's more, you'll be able to use Unlimited's object editor to share flying giraffe monsters with other players through the Steam Workshop.

There's no release date yet, largely because nobody quite knows when Nintendo's Wii U will be out, but you can find out more on the Scribblenauts site and watch absurdly cheerful people being inspired by near objects in this Scribblenauts Unlimited trailer:

Tom Senior

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