Score a $150 Best Buy gift card with Oculus Rift and Touch bundle

Best Buy is offering a pretty neat incentive to jump into VR gaming, at least for anyone who wants to join team Oculus. For those who do, Best Buy is bundling a $150 store gift card when you purchase a Rift headset and Touch controllers.

Unfortunately you can't apply the $150 gift card to the purchase, but in a way, you can choose your own free swag. Whether it is a new monitor or a graphics card upgrade to support VR gaming, you can shave $150 off the price by using the gift card.

This deal isn't readily visible when visiting Best Buy's website (or at least it wasn't for us). Best Buy set up a special portal, which you can jump straight to by clicking here. From there, just tick the boxes next to the headset, Touch controllers, and gift card, and hit the Add to Cart button.

While it would have been better if Best Buy just slashed the bundle by $150, bear in mind that Oculus shaved $100 off both the Rift headset and Touch controllers a few months ago. When the Rift debuted, it was priced at $600, with the Touch controllers adding another $200. That meant you were looking at $800 to go all-in. Now it costs $598 for the whole kit-and-caboodle. Barring a sale, we don't expect to see another price cut in the near future.

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Paul Lilly

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