Save over $1,000 on an LG C9 Series 4K OLED 65-inch smart TV over at Newegg

Save over $1,000 on an LG 4K OLED 65-inch smart TV over at Newegg
You don't have to wait until next Friday in order for an awesome TV deal. (Image credit: LG)

It was only a matter of time before Black Friday deals start springing up the Friday before Black Friday. So get your wallets, purses and fanny packs ready. Anyone on the hunt for a big TV to use as a best gaming TV should take a look at the gorgeous 65" LG OLED 4K TV Newegg has got on sale right now. 

This LG C9 65inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV goes for $1,699 right now during Newegg's Black Friday Ad Preview Sale. Officially a $2,799 part, it sells for $2,100 or more, depending on the retailer and any current sales.

The LG OLED65C9PUA supports all our favorite HDR standards (HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision HDR). It has a 1ms response time, 12.9 ms input lag, and variable refresh rate making gaming on this TV a prime experience. The C9 series is also Nvidia G-Sync compatible, meaning you can sync your refresh rate to your frame rate on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

Our friends over at Tom's Guide praised the TV's "impressive picture and sound, a truly smart smart TV experience, and decidedly sleek design." The TV is also packed with a ton of smart features like support for Alexa and Google Assistance. Hell, there's even Airplay that'll stream stuff from your iPhone to your TV.  

LG OLED 65 C9PUA HDR 4K Smart OLED TV | $1699.00 (save $1,000)

LG OLED 65 C9PUA HDR 4K Smart OLED TV | $1699.00 (save $1,000)
This massive 65-inch 4K HDR TV has the picture quality and the response time to make this the perfect pick for PC and console gaming. 

We will be combing all the major online retailers for the top offers we can find leading up to the best Black Friday PC gaming deals

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