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Save $80 on Respawn's super comfy reclining gaming chair at Walmart

Save $80 on Respawn's super comfy reclining gaming chair at Walmart
(Image credit: RESPAWN)

Walmart has got a deal on a cheap gaming chair right now that you should consider for yourself or a gift for the hardcore gaming in your life this holiday. Respawn's RSP 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is currently on sale for $109. You'll be saving $80 on this pre-Black Friday Buy Now deal Walmart has going on right now. 

The RSP 110 comes in six different color options for the black chair's accents. It has an adjustable head and lumbar pillows. While at a glance it may seem like your typical gaming chair inspired by race car seat with the exception of the extendable footrest so you can put your feet up. Oh, let's not forget about the fact that this reclines back 155 degrees in case you have a marathon session of gaming and need to take a nap right then and there. Maybe you had a long day and just need to wind down with some Netflix. I don't know your life, I won't judge. 

Feel free to take a peek at our best gaming chairs to see how the Respawn gaming compares them. A decent option if you don't an immense amount of disposable income but are in need of a comfy gaming chair. 


Respawn 110 Gaming Seat $109 (save $80)
Pick up this awesome reclining gaming chair with extendable footrest. Not a fancy chair, but it's comfy and very well priced right now.

If this particular seat doesn't work for you, we'll be rounding up the best Black Friday deals this month and you can be certain that gaming chairs and other PC gaming deals will be on the list. 

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