Save $400 on one of the most powerful tiny gaming laptops

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If you're someone looking for a powerful gaming laptop and a wildly thin laptop that could pass for a black Macbook, I might have found something for you. Amazon has a deal on a mighty little Razer Blade 14 for $2400; that's $400 off its usual price. If there are two things you should know about Razer Blade laptops, they are very expensive and rarely discounted this heavily. 

This 14-inch notebook is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU and an RTX 3080 8GB. Like Yoda, you shouldn't judge this laptop's power based on its size. It's packing a lot under its very thin aluminum hood. It's just under four pounds, so you'll be able to travel pretty easily with it.

Because of the power requirements, you won't be getting the same 1:1 performance from a mobile RTX 3080 as its desktop brethren. That being said, You'll be able to play almost all your favorite games at high to max settings in QHD. However, expect this thing to drain your battery in a flash if you're not plugged in.  

Combined with its beefy GPU and speedy display, you'll be sure to hit that 1440p 165Hz sweet spot during gameplay. A 1TB SSD is a good starting size for storage. It uses an M.2 slot, making upgrading in the future pretty easy. The one downside is the 16GB is fixed and non-ungradable.

Dell G15

Razer Blade 14| Nvidia RTX 3080|AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX|14-inch|QHD| 165Hz |16GB RAM|1TB SSD|
$2299 $2399 at Amazon (save $400)
The Razer Blade 14 is one of the most powerful and compact gaming laptops. This workhorse of a notebook outperforms most gaming laptops at a fraction of the size, and comes with all the good stuff you want in a notebook. Also, that 1440p screen...

Now, if you like this laptop and don't have $2400, which is totally understandable, we reviewed the entry-level model of the Razer Blade 14 last year and were impressed by its performance for under $1,800

The webcam is not the best, and you'll probably want to look into picking up one of these external USB webcams with the money you save, especially if you're using this laptop for work. Honestly, if you're stuck deciding between this and a MacBook, why not spend the money on an ultra-thin notebook that plays games really well?

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