Sandbox, the Garry's Mod successor, appears to have resumed development

(Image credit: Facepunch)

Garry Newman—creator of gleefully chaotic indie physics sandbox Garry's Mod—has been getting up to mischief on Twitter by teasing Garry's Mod 2, but it looks like that's not quite what he's working on. 

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While it looks like he's using the Distracted Boyfriend meme to suggest that he only has eyes for Garry's Mod 2 right now, rather than teasing than a brand new game announcement apparently he was referencing Sandbox (stylised as S&box), a spiritual successor to Garry's Mod that was announced in 2015.

Newman told PCGamesN that the tweets were actually about Sandbox, but it's still good news for Garry's Mod fans. In our interview last December, he said Sandbox had the potential to become something like Garry's Mod 2.  Unfortunately, work on it had been "paused", with Newman saying that if development wasn't resumed in 2020 then the game was "probably dead forever". 

So it looks like it's been brought back from the brink, though Newman is still being coy about it on Twitter.

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The original Garry's Mod—which celebrated its 15th birthday in December—holds up remarkably well for its age. It receives regular updates (the latest was on March 17) and remains popular with players, still placing high up in Steam's Top 100. Sandbox (alias Garry's Mod 2?) looks set to build on the original's success while adapting to the changes in the gaming landscape since 2004, with the introduction of VR support being the biggest selling point discussed so far.