Saints Row successor Agents of Mayhem coming in August

Update: the official trailer is now live and embedded above. Agents of Mayhem is out on August 15.

After finishing Saints Row IV, I needed to know what Volition would do next. While I didn't expect it to look this familiar, Agents of Mayhem has piqued my interest with its over-the-top action, humour, and style. And we won't have to wait that long to play it, either. According to a leaked trailer, it's set to launch this August.

The Agents of Mayhem Twitter account recently teased an upcoming trailer that had a premiere date of April 3, but it appears to have leaked early. The release month was revealed in the trailer, which was posted by Twitter user Wario64, who is known for posting images and trailers before their official release. Unfortunately, the trailer has since been taken offline. We'll update this article if and when this information is confirmed.

If you're like me and think Agents of Mayhem looks like a Saints Row sequel, you wouldn't be far off. It takes place after one of the endings of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell and revolves around the organization M.A.Y.H.E.M., which is funded by the Ultor Corporation. Ultor was one of the Saints Row series' main antagonists before merging with the Third Street Saints to become huge celebrities in Saints Row: The Third. On top of all that, M.A.Y.H.E.M.'s logo is the Saints' purple fleur-de-lis. Oh, and yes, you take control of the Agents of M.A.Y.H.E.M. Get it?