Saints Row 4: National Treasure Edition announced, is out next month

Saints Row 4 wasn't shy about... well, anything really. But it definitely wasn't shy about DLC. Naturally, then, it's time for the mad-cap open-world adventure to receive its everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bundle release. The National Treasure Edition will collect the game and its 29 DLC packs into a single package, and is due out on July 8th.

It will come with a frankly absurd number of weapon skins and new outfits—everything from anime to the Wild West —and also a selection of new weapons, super-powers, and the two post-release mission packs. It's a lot of content, admittedly, although much of it is completely superfluous to the main game.

Also, if you're quick, you can grab all Saints Row games and their DLCs for less than the National Treasure Edition's asking price as part of the Steam Summer Sale's current Daily Deal . (That offer expires today at 6pm BST.)

Whatever your view on the DLC extras, Saints Row 4 itself is well worth a look. It's a funny game, built from a solid open-world template, and was deservedly praised in our review .

Saints Row 4: National Treasure Edition will cost $30. At the time of writing, equivalent regional prices are not available.

Phil Savage

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