Saga Kingdoms launches Kickstarter page, quest system details revealed for the MMORTS

You may remember Saga, a 2008 MMORTS with collectible card game-like elements. Saga Kingdoms is the continuation of that franchise, seeking to create a MMORTS with more of a focus on co-op and quests than the pure PvP of contenders past. We have some early details on how this questing system will function.

You can get the basic run-down on the game's Kickstarter page , but to sum up, players will take control of one of six factions (Elves, Orcs and Ogres, Giants and Humans, Dwarves, Dark Elves, or Undead) and lead an army across a dynamic game world to level up, gain rewards, and capture territory.

"Quests in Saga Kingdoms can be static or dynamic," the devs said. "For example, an orc base that players can raid will always be at the foot of the red mountains, but those orcs will not just sit still waiting to get raided day after day. As players explore the world, they may come across a town that is being attacked by an orc raiding party and decide to come to its defense, or if enough players fail the quest, the next time the player visits the area they may find a town infested with entrenched orcs.

"We love the dynamic world events that are now a staple of the newest MMORPG's. Since our goal is to give RTS players what RPG gamers have enjoyed for over a decade, we would be amiss not to add this system to our own game. As our story evolves, the world events and even the location of that static orc base will change based on what the players have done, not only on the PvE front but also in the PvP arena."

Saga Kingdoms will include both solo quests and group challenges for up to five armies. There are 20 days left in the Kickstarter , the page for which has details on capital cities, heroes, factions, units, and more..