Runescape getting free trial system and Troll Warzone starting area

Jagex today released a trailer for their upcoming free to play MMO Runescape, the trailer... hey... wait a second! Runescape has been out for years! I remember, because it's been ten years since Matt Lees used child labour to build a coal mining empire . Nevertheless, there is a new cinematic trailer out. It's to celebrate the release of the new 'Troll Warzone' starting area, which gives Runescape's tutorial a much needed revamp.

The trailer is rendered in a chunky Pixar style 3D animation and uses quickfire editing and some nice, characterful animations give us a brief glimpse the of an adventuring party caught out by an unexpected troll attack on a druidic village. About to be crushed to death, the Rogue sees his life flash before his eyes, and wonders if that +2 short sword was worth it.

In addition to the new warzone, the developers will also be adding a free trial system that lets players access the premium version of the game for fourteen days. Is this the first time a free to play game has ever offered a free trial? It just might be.