Rumoured fourth Borderlands DLC info

Gearbox official forum user “Legendrew” has stumbled across what could be the next DLC for Borderlands. Rummaging around in game data files, he's found what appears to be big lists of enemies. He's also dug out a script for an intro cinematic introducing a Ninja Claptrap, who has liberated an army of claptraps from the shackles of human oppression. You've got to kill them.

Now, it wouldn't be the first time a developer has hidden spurious clues in their data folders to troll eager fans. None of this is confirmed by Gearbox or 2K Games as of yet, so bear that in mind as you gradually work up a lather of excitement.

According to the retrieved files, it'll have about 21 quests that follow your attempts to halt the robo-revolution led by Ninja Claptrap. Dr. Ned, Commandant Steele and General Knoxx are likely returning as robo-zombie bosses. The list of claptrap enemies is massive. You've got SuperBad Desperado-Trap, Apeshit Stunted Lunatic-Trap, and Brute-Trap, to name just three out of roughly seventy million. We've asked 2K for a comment and are patiently awaiting their reply. We're also sluggishly downloading the new patch to see it for ourselves - we'll keep you posted.

[via CVG ]