Rumour: DayZ creator instructed to work on mod full-time by Bohemia


The creator of DayZ and Bohemia Interactive employee, Rocket, has been instructed by Bohemia to work on the mod full-time. That's according to an account of a fan who chatted with him at E3 earlier today, spotted by Craig over on the DayZ subreddit . The account says that Rocket believes that DayZ is "the first step towards Bohemia gearing up to make it into a full standalone game."

He goes on to say that Rocket talked about having already ported the mod over to the Arma 3 engine, and that "it works great." Rocket also reportedly said that DayZ has been tested internally with the new tech, and can "handle 100-200 players easily" on a server.

This qualifies as a rumour for now, as the comments are second hand, but Graham will be meeting Rocket at E3 tomorrow. We'll have solid answers then.

Tom Senior

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