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Routine trailer brings four minutes of atmospheric lunar horror

Routine was among the first set of games to make it through Steam Greenlight - its one-minute teaser's promise of first-person space horror clearly resonating with the service's voters. Now, the three-person team at LunarSoftware have released a new, longer trailer, hinting at the terror that lurks inside the game's non-linear, abandoned moon base.

Okay, let's ignore the first four minutes of footage for a moment, and concentrate on a single frame from towards the end:

Did you spot it? No? Zoom! Enhance!

Okay, now go back and watch those first four minutes of footage - complete with eerie silence, decrepit environments, and unstoppable robots. Top tip: Buy shares in companies that specialise in clean trousers. In our VR future, clean trousers are going to be in high demand.

For more on Routine, check out our preview .

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