Roundabout is out and this launch trailer is crazy


This launch trailer for Roundabout doesn't really make sense, but neither does the game's basic premise—something like a combination of Crazy Taxi, Katamari Damacy and 90s FMV games—so they're a perfect match.

We first told you about Roundabout almost a year ago, when developer No Goblin was already showing off its affinity for nonsensical videos . You play as Georgio Manos, a limousine driver who for inexplicable reasons insists on constantly rotating her vehicle as she chauffeurs her clients around the city.

You pick up passengers, find collectibles, and hop the limousine from rooftop to rooftop in what No Goblin describes as an open world puzzle adventure.

I'm getting a strong Katamari Damacy vibe from it, both in its silly, colorful tone, and physics-based gameplay that basically leaves a city in ruin in your wake. Bonus: Roundabout makes a strong case for the return of FMV, which we love and hate and love to make silly videos about.

Roundabout is currently on sale for $12 (down from $15), but you can also get the deluxe edition which includes behind the scenes content, more insane, unreleased trailers, and a hilariously unplayable first person mode. No Goblin says it won't take responsibility for the inevitable nausea.