Roundabout: a crazier Crazy Taxi driven by the world's first "revolving chauffeur"

Well, Roundabout wins this year's coveted Best Trailer award, something I invented around six seconds ago for this very occasion. It's a top-down action driving game set in 1977, a time period captured perfectly by the video's silkily smooth narration and clips taken from the very grey 70s itself. The bloody, ridiculous Roundabout is anything but grey, however, seeing how it revolves around a limo and one Georgio Manos, the world's "revolving chauffeur."

Based on the action in the trailer, below, I'd say it looks like an unholy fusion of Crazy Taxi (in that you're driving around a city fulfilling objectives like a madman), early Grand Theft Auto (the city is open world), and QWOP or Surgeon Simulator (in that you're battling with the controls while you do so - in this case with the limo driver himself, Georgio Manos, who insists on revolving his vehicle at all times). And wouldn't the world be a little better if we were all revolving, all of the time? No. No it wouldn't, but it seems to work quite well here.

Roundabout is being developed by No Goblin, an indie studio founded by former Harmonix/Twisted Pixel designer Dan Teasdale. The game's due out in 2014, but you can pre-order it now, or voice your approval over on Steam Greenlight if you're so inclined.

Tom Sykes

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