Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 marches onto PC in February

(Image credit: Koei Tecmo)

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14—the latest in Tecmo Koei's long-running historical strategy series—now has a release date on PC. Aspiring generals can begin their conquest of ancient China on February 28, and it might be just the thing for players who got a taste for this particular slice of history with the recent Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The structure of the series has shifted drastically over the years. While the 13th game had separate strategic and tactical layers, the 14th will be a grand strategy game set across a single massive hex-grid map. As well as commanding armies, players will juggle internal doctrines (both domestic and military) and choose what governors manage cities, with their stats affecting the range of your influence, pushing battle and supply lines further out across the map.

Held territory looks like it plays a major part in battle strategy, too, with units likely to fall much faster if their supply lines are cut off, enabling even smaller units to do some real damage if positioned cleverly on the map. While I wouldn't call myself a strategic genius, I feel like there's some interesting depth to the game, at least from the little I've seen on the game's awkwardly translated official page and this live gameplay footage (credit to Gematsu) from the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year.

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 launches on Steam on February 28th, with a piece of DLC (the Battle Of Yiling scenario) available for free to anyone who buys the game within two weeks of launch.

Dominic Tarason
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