Roleplay and date feral cats in oddball RPG Cattails

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Cattails (opens in new tab)is "a unique simulation RPG with light survival elements" to hear developer Falcon Development tell it. You play as a feral cat that does things feral cats do, like hunt mice, collect herbs and hunt for treasure.

Speaking as someone whose neighborhood is crawling with feral cats, I have to say I'm surprised by the exciting lives they apparently lead. Cattails not only lets you join a cat colony and fight for territory in its name, but also compete in "seasonal festivals" to win prizes. I thought they just pissed my dog off all day. 

Did I mention you can "date and marry one of nine eligible cats"? I should have mentioned that. From there, you can also raise kittens and bring them on your expeditions. 

Cattails is out on Steam (opens in new tab) today, but it began as a passion project for lead developer Tyler Thompson in 2016. It was then Kickstarted (opens in new tab) earlier this year: over 1,200 backers chipped in nearly $40,000 for the project, pitched as an "open-world cat and wildlife simulation." 

As a result of probabilities I cannot fathom, Cattails is actually the second game featuring cat dating to crop up this week. Previously, Joe reported on Purrfect Date (opens in new tab), a cat dating sim due next month.  

Austin Wood
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