Roguelike Loot Rascals is available on PC early with a limited 500 copies

Turn-based roguelike Loot Rascals isn't actually coming out until early next year, but you can buy and play the new "Refinery Edition" of the game for $15 on right now. You'll have to jump on it real quick like, though, as developer Hollow Ponds is only selling 500 copies of this early edition, which will eventually turn into the final game. It currently includes everything apart from the final area.

As the trailer above explains, this is mostly a way for Hollow Ponds to get feedback on the balance of the game before launch. You can of course buy it if you want to play early, but the page explains that it's really "for players who want to get in first, and help us refine and fine-tune it." As that may imply, the Refinery Edition will get frequent updates and bug patches leading up to its actual release. 

Loot Rascals was one of the best things I played at E3 this year, and I continued to really enjoy it when I got my hands on it again in August. It's got a phenomenal sense of style, and the turn-based combat mixed with free movement made it feel unique in the roguelike space. Not to mention the teapot... I mean, lamp-headed genie robot that acts as your guide is potentially the greatest video games character of our time.

Click the image for the full gif.

Click the image for the full gif.

Additionally, Hollow Ponds is running an ARG-style scavenger hunt around the internet. It has distributed gif "cards" of different characters Loot Rascals, like the one we have exclusively here. If you can manage to find all the cards in the set, you'll win a prize—though full details on the contest aren't being revealed until later, so keep your eyes peeled. 

As of the time we published this, there are 481 keys for Loot Rascals' Refinery Edition left, so there's still a chance to snag a copy if you are interested. If you've soured on the idea of Early Access meaning rough and unfinished first drafts of games, this approach may feel a bit refreshing.

You can also see lead designer Ricky Haggett join us to talk about Loot Rascals on our podcast right here, and watch a video showing off my early impressions of the game below:

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