​Rocket League's free basketball mode has arrived

Rocket League basketball

As of yesterday's Rocket League patch, you can now play basketball with rocket propelled cars. The patch also adds the ability to save replays mid-match, as well as a “Cosmic” Rocket Labs map and some bug fixes—but let’s talk about basketball.

I just jumped in for a couple of games and can confirm it’s as much fun as you already know it is. The ball is bouncier, the court is smaller and scoring requires aerial precision that rather obsoletes my favoured tactic of gently nudging the ball along the floor.

As you’d expect from the Rocket League devs, the mode is full of neat little touches. The ball changes colour as it swaps between the two sides of the court. Cars make the sound of sneakers squeaking on polished wood as they turn. A man shouts ‘SLAAAAM DUUUNK’ whenever a team scores.

The mode is called ‘Hoops’ and is 2v2 only for the moment. It’s free, though you can pay a small amount for some extra cosmetic items via the NBA flag pack released alongside the update. Happy dunking.