Rock of Ages trailer splats Da Vinci

[bcvideo id="1139871768001"]

Rock of Ages is out next week, a little later than consoles, but with extra stuff to make up for it. PC versions of the game will come with the soundtrack, and the exclusive trollface boulder, which you can see below. It's available to pre-order now on Steam at the slightly reduced price of £6.29 / $8.99.

Rock of Ages has you smashing a series enemy castles across various eras of art history. You have to roll through their troops and defences to get to the gates of each fortress, and prepare defences against your enemy's orb of destruction. Along the way you'll have to fight dragons, topple little medieval men, and catapult your rolling ball of justice right into the statue of David's ... crotch area. It's out next Wednesday.

Tom Senior

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