Roccat’s Kone mouse gains RGB lighting and better thumb controls

A decade has passed since Roccat introduced its first Kone mouse. To celebrate the mouse's 10-year anniversary, Roccat is releasing another variant, the Kone AIMO, with features based on customer feedback.

One of those features is a new "RGBA" lighting engine. Whereas the original Kone had two lighting strips, the new Kone AIMO has four, with multi-zone illumination and a new lighting ecosystem.

"AIMO adds to Roccat's existing illumination technologies, vividly bringing light to life with a first-to-market system that reacts fluidly and organically, and grows based on your gaming behavior and compatible connected devices. Eliminating the need for configuration, it presents state-of-the-art illumination scenarios right out of the box," Roccat explains.

The other point of focus was on ergonomics. Roccat says it's been able to enhance the feel while retaining the shape of the original Kone. The main refinement comes to the thumb area—Roccat added a pair of narrow buttons that sit directly above the thumb, and one wider button below that is bound to its Easy-Shift[+] function by default. This allow users to input secondary commands to the mouse's buttons, and communicate with other Easy-Shift[+] peripherals.

Other features include a 4D Titan scroll wheel, Omron button switches, and an "Owl-Eye" optical sensor based on PixArt tech that's been modified for Roccat. The sensor has an adjustable dpi, in 100 dpi steps from 100 to 12,000. Roccat says the recommended range for a completely natural feel is from 400 to 3,000 dpi.

The Kone AIMO costs $80 and is available now in white, black, and gray color options at Amazon, Newegg, and direct from Roccat.

Paul Lilly

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