Roadhog changes reflect 'defensive not offensive capabilities,' says Overwatch lead designer

Roadhog's Chain Hook ability has been the subject of much discussion among Overwatchers, following February's PTR patch which reduced its power. 

When game director Jeff Kaplan suggested he's "not entirely satisfied with where [Roadhog] is at right now" last week, some players worried a buff was in store—however it seems tweaks to the 'one-man apocalypse' are tied to his defensive spectrum. 

That's according to the game's principal designer Geoff Goodman who assured Overwatch official forum goers that "survivability" lies at the heart of any prospective Roadhog changes.

"We're testing some stuff internally for Roadhog," says Goodman. "The focus of changes we're trying are around his defenses, rather than his offensive capabilities. Even though the hook combo is weaker now he can still dish out a lot of damage over all. If he had some more survivability he would be in a better place." 

Given how divisive adjustments involving Roadhog have been in recent months, I'd like to turn this over to you guys: what would you change about Roadhog? If defensive is Blizzard's focus, would upping his armour be better than bolstering his HP? Perhaps you felt he was fine as is, and that his Chain Hook wasn't in fact unfair at all? 

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