Rising Storm mapping contest boasts $26,000 prize pool

Rising Storm

We already love the maps in Rising Storm 's Pacific-themed map pool, but Tripwire doesn't think that's enough. The developer is hosting a Rising Storm mapping contest with a $10,000 grand prize to get even more amazing maps added to the rotation.

The competition held earlier this year for Red Orchestra 2 yielded some amazing looking maps including the grand prize winning Winterwald . My personal favorite is Bridges of Druzhina , which looks looks like a re-imagining of D-Day with urban combat and bridges.

Think you have a chance of winning? Head on over to the official website to read up on the rules . If you're just interested in getting some killer new maps, try out some of the maps from the Red Orchestra 2 competition.

The contest ends in November although Tripwire is giving mapmakers an opportunity to submit their maps in September for some early feedback.