Rising Storm 2: Vietnam update adds Australian forces, new weapons, attack helicopter

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam features in our list of the best multiplayer FPSes you probably aren't playing—with Evan saying it strikes a sweet spot between authenticity and accessibility. Its latest complimentary update dives further into the former with a host of era-appropriate guns, maps and vehicles. 

Named the 'Bushranger' update, the shooter's new patch introduces Australian forces—a "major player on the anti-Communist side of the war for ten years"—who bring with them unique customisation possibilities and voiceovers. 

On the weapons front, expect the L1A1 SLR semi-automatic rifle and its fully automatic L2A1 LMG variant. The gravity-assisted Owens SMG 9mm machine carbine packs a pretty heavy punch, while the F1 SMG comes with a detachable bayonet and can be toggled between semi and fully automatic modes. The Browning Hi-Power pistol is also semi-auto and sports a 13-round magazine.

Long Tan, Rung Sac and Operation Forrest make up the maps—the latter of which is billed as a "large-scale map taking place across swamps and farmland" that features the game's "longest engagement distances to date."

Throw the Huey "Bushranger" Attack Helicopter into that mix, and there's plenty to get busy with in Rising Storm 2's latest update. 

As you may expect, the Bushranger update also comes with a host of bug fixes—the extent of which can be read via these patch notes

And if the above sounds interesting, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is subject to a 50 percent discount on Steam now through December 1 at 10am PT/6pm GMT. At half-price, it'll cost you £9.49/$12.49.